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For California

  If you are in California, you can call or come visit our shop.This is how we'll work with you for your project.

  Understanding the requirements: We’ll carefully understand your project, your thoughts on style, quality, your concerns on price, etc. Then we’ll make an appointment to see your site. ( If you know pretty much what you want, you can just come to our store and select the choices on your own.)

  Site visit/estimate: We’ll look at your kitchen, bathroom or the project of your interest, making sure it will stay in harmony with the overall style and environment of your home, take the measurements, share with you our initial thoughts on your project. You can ask our expert any questions or raise your concerns. It’s a free service from us. So please call for a free design and estimate.

  Plan/Design: 2-3 days after the visit, we’ll email you our proposal along with a 3D computer design drawing so you can see it before it is built. Our proposal/quotation will tell you quality, style and prices of products and how long it may take for the project. If you like what you’ll get, we move to next step.

  Contract: The contract will confirm what was agreed during the proposal/quotation period, but add on payment schedule, work schedule and other terms and conditions.

Outside California

  We have plenty of clients located outside of California and there is no obstacle for them to still enjoy our products and low prices. The process of making it happen is very simple: Just call and tell us products of your choice and email us the measurements of your project, we’ll handle the rest for you and walk you through the way step-by-step. When we ship the products of your choice, you’ll receive all accessories along with installation instructions.


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