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General(All cabinet door styles are available for kitchen and bathroom) Cabinet door styles,Countertop stone choices,Floor choices

  • Autumn City Door

    Autumn City Door

  • Century City

    Century City

  • Cocotown


  • Coffeeville


  • Dove City

    Dove City

  • Mahogany Bay

    Mahogany Bay

  • Mochaville


  • Oak Town

    Oak Town

  • Snow Bay

    Snow Bay

  • Century City

    Studio City

  • Century City

    Sun City

  • Vanillaville


  • Granite


Kitchen Upgrades

Cabinets/Countertops(granite, quartz stone) White Shaker, Coffee Glaze, Espresso Shaker, Swiss Mocha, Cherry Shaker, Venice Creme, Natural Beech, etc.

  • Cherry Shaker

    Cherry Shaker0

  • Cherry Shaker

    Cherry Shaker1

  • Cherry Shaker

    Cherry Shaker2

  • coffee glaze

    coffee glaze1

  • coffee glaze

    coffee glaze2

  • Dark Cherry

    Dark Cherry

  • Espresso Shaker

    Espresso Shaker

  • espresso shaker

    espresso shaker1

  • espresso shaker

    espresso shaker2

  • espresso shaker

    espresso shaker3

  • Snow Bay

    finished kitchen

  • FX cherry

    FX cherry1

  • FX cherry

    FX cherry2

  • FX cherry

    FX cherry3

  • kitchen backsplash

    kitchen backsplash

  • Mocha


  • natural beech

    natural beech1

  • natural beech

    natural beech2

  • swiss mocha

    swiss mocha1

  • swiss mocha

    swiss mocha2

  • swiss mocha

    swiss mocha3

  • Venice Creme

    Venice Creme

  • white shaker1

    white shaker1

  • white shaker2

    white shaker2

Bathroom Upgrades

Vanities/Countertops(granites, quartz stone) White Shakers, white square and others

  • bath remodeling

    bath remodeling1

  • bath remodeling

    bath remodeling2

  • bath vanity

    bath vanity1

  • coffee glaze

    bath vanity2

  • sink cut

    sink cut

  • white shaker

    white shaker

  • white square

    white square

Floor Upgrades

Hardwood(solid wood, engineer wood)laminate, travertine, marble, tile

  • bath floor

    bath floor

  • floor tile

    floor tile

  • Floor upgrades

    Floor upgrades


Shower glass doors, Fireplace, Recessed light, Closet Mirror doors, etc.

  • fireplace


  • recessed light

    recessed light

  • shower glass door

    shower glass door 1

  • shower glass door

    shower glass door 2

  • shower glass door

    shower glass door 3

  • shower glass door

    shower glass door 4

  • shower glass door

    shower glass door 5

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